Head: Retaliation GI Joe Trooper
Helmet: ROC Law
Torso: 25th Viper
Arms: PoC Shock Trooper
Legs: Resolute Duke

This Sure Fire custom started as a previous custom, a Pursuit of Cobra version of Shockwave. I liked that custom, but it no longer had a place in my collection, so I decided to swap out some parts and retool it into Sure Fire. It went into my WIP pile for a while. For Custom Celebration 2018, the theme for one of the challenges was to make customs to improve on what the GI Joe Collectors Club had offered through their Figure Subscription Service through the years. Since the Club released a Sure Fire figure as part of FSS 1.0, my custom fit the bill and I took it out of the WIP pile and finished it.

The Club's Sure Fire has a few aspects that could be improved, starting with the parts selection. The figure as it was released had little in common with the original. The short sleeves, the vest and the color scheme were all aspects that I wanted to address.

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