Head: Padme
Hair: Agent Annika?
Arms: Hacks
Torso: Zombie Lab
Legs: Hacks
Boots/Feet: G.I. Joe - Dr. Rex maybe?

Swapped Secondary pieces: Coat parts from Zombie Lab; Lab Coat figure Zombie Lab; Sports Bra Zombie Lab

In the collection of stories which has since become known as Tales From The Fringe, Bex Ajax would seem to be simply a supporting character to the story. Those in the know, however, understand that Dr. Ajax, aside from being the primary health care provider aboard the space station The Artifex (home of Joe's Cantina) and the wife of Percy Ajax, is ultimately the brains of the operation. In later years she also served as the Medic aboard the Talon when missions were underway.

Born on Earth (where she met Percy after his defection from the Kingdom of Avalonia), Dr. Ajax took to the stars to help those in need, with the truest and most neutral of intentions in mind. Spending a large portion of her professional time aboard The Artifex has resulted in relationships and loyalties which might one day test the bounds of her neutrality.

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