Head: DG Duke
Torso, upper arms, legs: ROC Rollbar
Feet: 50th Low Light
Forearms: 25th Cobra Flint
Helmet, goggles: 50th Hit & Run
Backpack: ROC Elite Viper
Vest: 50th Duke

Two versions of Rapid Fire were released by Hasbro in the 1990s. The first was an ARAH figure that included a VHS tape. The figure sported an orange, lime green and blue uniform. The second, lesser known, was a 12" figure dressed in a realistic urban camoflage uniform and included an array of weapons. Dubbed as an "ultimate commando", I wanted to include this version in my "Battle Corps Month" project in 2013. However, I ran out of time, resources and motivation and the idea was shelved.

During Custom Celebration in 2018, bucky submitted a custom to the LBC contest and that gave me the inspiration to get this character done. Since Rapid Fire is decked out in urban camo, I am adding him to my DEF team. This custom has almost no paint, he is simply parts swaps.

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