Figure: 30th/POC Cobra Trooper
Head: 30th Rock Viper
Goggles: POC Shock Viper
Webgear: 25th Cobra Bazooka Trooper (w/ slight drybrushing)
Backpack: 25th Bazooka, reloaded with RPG heads
RPG: 25th Cobra Bazooka Trooper

This figure is part of my Cobra O13 1982 Set, a custom/kitbash companion/rival set for G.I. Joe "Original 13" of 1982, done in 25th and 30th Anniversary style (30th style in this figure's case).

Inspired by the Hasbro 2008 Cobra Bazooka Trooper, The "Bazooka" trooper concept (technically RPG Trooper) and the Hasbro accessories (webgear, RGP) work for me, especially as an analogue to Zap. I preferred that he maintain the same uniform coloring as the rest of the OG13 Cobra troops, and instead tried set him apart from the normal blueshirts with different gear and accessories-similar to the 1982 Joes (and very dissimilar to the various ___-Vipers beyond 1984).

I see this figure build as a generic heavy hardware trooper or a squad support trooper, armed with machine guns, RPGs, grenade launchers, etc. Using an 80s video game scroller shooter (ie Contra), these guys show less frequently than the normal bad guys, do more damage, and take more hits to put down.

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