Body, Head, Belt: 25th Scarlett (1st card release)
Crossbow: 25th Scarlett
M3A1 grease gun: BBI ?? figure
Gun Strap: Rexlace black plastic craft lacing, sanded down and painted

Paints: Tamiya OD (XF-14), Testors Wood

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven OG13 sets in my collection.

Hasbro's 25th Scarlett figure body as produced had many problems, but it still truest to the original figure, and blends well in size with the other 25th builds used in this set. To minimize the hunched forward look of unmodded figure, the head hole was redrilled farther to the back and the ponytail, ponytail tie, and neck collar were all shaved down. Also, I found that the later cardback issued figure allowed for better backwards movement at the midtorso than the original boxed set version.

The hip holes at the lower torso were carved out to increase upper leg movement at the joint (she can now sit down). This forced as repaint of the under bodysuit. While I liked the color of the unmodded figure, I didn't want to try to color match it for repaint, and instead found a color similar to the vintage figure.

The face was repainted. More eyeliner was given to the eyes (upper and lower), and lipstick was added.
I really wanted to add the M3A1 grease gun to the OG13 set (got to get those filecard referenced weapons in), and wanted Scarlett to have some sort of combat rifle or gun to supplement but not replace her classic crossbow. I also wanted more straps or webgear to adorn her bodysuit to complement the slightly geared up look of the rest of the set.

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