Body, Head, Webgear, satchel, Uzi: 25th Box Set Snake Eyes, version C (corrected crotch)
Backpack: Resolute Cobra Trooper

Paints: Testors Flat Black, Citadel Leadbelcher, Testors Gloss Black for lenses

This figure is part of my GI Joe OG13 25th Classic Set, one of seven OG13 sets in my collection.

Admittedly, this is not much of a custom-solely a repaint, and not much of a repaint. But I feel that this simple repaint scheme is worth sharing.

For a while I was using the carded rerelease of the 25th Snake Eyes v1 for this 25th Classic Style set. The all black scheme was welcome reissue at the time, but in the end didn't work as well as expected, both in hand and in photos. In retrospect, I can see why the initial release was done in a dark grey.

With all the touchups I was doing with the other figures, Snake started to just fade out as a big black blob. So I went with a grey for the webgear and straps per the 2004 comic pack version and in the IDW comics. I used the original grey figure and painted the main bodywear black. Not much to it--but makes the figure a little bit more interesting visually, while staying somewhat classic.

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