Upper Body, upper arms: Retaliation Roadblock v21
Lower arms, upper lower legs, knees: Retaliation Roadblock v23
Lower legs: 50th Gung-Ho
Webgear: 25th Roadblock v16, modded with back straps from 25th Snake Eyes
Head: FSS Tiger Force Roadblock cast

Paints: Testors Leather, Testors Olive Drab, Testors Dark Green, Testors Flat Black, AK Real Colors RC031 Earth Red

For a few years I had been wanting to do upgrades of a few of my favorite Joes from 83 to 87-specifically Duke, Roadblock, and Spirit from 1984. With the release of the 2012 Retaliation Roadblock figures, an update to the classic look from Hasbro seemed just around the corner at the time (complete with new cast of the classic head)-but never happened.

This custom--using lots of parts from those Retaliation Roadblocks--was sitting in limbo for a few years, but really got the finishing touches after 2018 Assembly Required, when I was to secure a FSS Roadblock head, figured out a way to extend the 25th Roadblock webgear for the much larger and taller torso, and found a way to manage my fodder parts to use the 50th Gung-Ho legs to get the exposed boots look with foot articulation.

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