Body: 50th Danger at the Docks
Head: Pursuit of Cobra Duke or 50th Two-Pack Duke
Belt: 25th HISS Driver
Webgear: 25th Duke (carved out at inside to sit tighter and lower to chest)

For a few years I had been wanting to do upgrades of a few of my favorite Joes from 83 to 87-specifically Duke, Roadblock, and Spirit from 1984. This one was made years back from the Danger at the Docks Flint when it was released.

Nothing revolutionary here from what many others have presented previously (maybe the wingcrest cut from the original 25th figure, but I think someone else did that as well). I do really like this build, since it reminds me of the 12" Sideshow version, so the gloves stay, and this torso sculpt is one of my all time favorites for its excellent proportions and sculpting details, so the undershirt stays-although I was able to cut down the length of the turtleneck collar.

I ended up making two versions of this build-one for my main display shelf, and one for a crazy idea of repacking the original 2007 25th Anniversary Battle Pack 5-figure set. With the second version, I would try different shades of green and tan, not really knowing which shades I preferred or felt more definitive--one leaning more towards the Sunbow cartoon colors but deeper, and the other trying to emulate the original 82 figure shades.

I still don't have a personal preference to the colors, and having a repaint of a custom is a nod to all those early 25th repack repaints of Duke, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow.

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