All (UNO*): Retaliation Ultimate Cobra Commander (repainted)
Lower Legs: 2005 DVD Battles Pack Major Blood (repainted)
Chest Strap, Lapels, ceremonial cords: Dollar General Cobra Commander (repainted)

Paints: Vallejo Dark Blue & Andrea Blue (mix), Citadel Runefang Steel over Citadel Leadbelcher, Citadel Khorne Red, Testors Gloss Black

*unless otherwise noted

This figure is part of my Cobra O13 1982 Set, a custom/kitbash companion/rival set for G.I. Joe "Original 13" of 1982, done in 25th and 30th Anniversary style.

This custom tweak of the Ultimate Cobra Commander follows the same basic formula of my 30th hooded version, which was inspired by HissTanker Azrael13's incredible Atkins Design CC custom, and was just recently done (Nov 2019). I think the Hasbro release was a great figure and true to the original-however the shoes and stirrups always bothered me, and the figure was screaming for a few more details and embellishments based on artwork and Sideshow statues/figures. I still keep a spare unaltered figure around in case I ever want to go back to that classic figure recreation.

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