Entire figure: A very beat up Snake Eyes (V1)

Paints: Mr. Hobby Orange (entire body, cowl), Mr. Hobby Super Chrome Silver 2 (facemask, tiger scratch mark)

I was a kid of the Spytroops/VvV era, and when Sigma 6 came out, I lost interest because I thought the toys looked kiddie and stupid. Then recently I looked into Sigma 6 out of curiosity, and also got this beat-up Snake Eyes on ebay out of that same curiosity. He came with none of his accessories, not even the panel that covers his arm communicator thing.

This whole idea came about because as a kid, I remember wanting to see more of that Tiger Claw guy from the Ninja Battles set my friend had, only to find out that Hasbro basically forgot about him. Tbh I don't blame them, but as the one of the few kids in the world whose favorite Joe was Kamakura, I thought it was cool that he got a friend who just wore a different colored version of his outfit. Also I thought the new ninja had potential, especially being the main character of that little DVD special.

Oh and apparently the Sigma 6 cartoon is supposed to be in continuity with Spytroops/VvV/Ninja Battles, so I figure Tiger Claw has to still exist in that universe, right?

I was sort of inspired by the existence of the con-exclusive Sigma 6 Red Ninja, which was just a Kamakura recolor with absolutely no accessories except for a parachute. So like the Red Ninja, this is a recolor of an existing toy, but with absolutely no accessories. Not even a parachute.

I stuck with the orange mask because that's what I remember most about Tiger Claw, but as a little reference to Kamakura's initial tacky all-yellow outfit from the same line, I made the whole costume orange too, while keeping the Sigma Suit as-is. Then I made the lower face mask silver because I admittedly like how some S6 Storm Shadow figures have a similar thing going. Having the facemask be a different color from the cowl also makes me think of Mortal Kombat ninjas, which is a plus.

As for the tiger scratch marking on his right pec, that's because the Sigma 6 logo was faded, so I decided to rub it off altogether and replace it with something else. I was thinking of doing the tiger paw logo the original Tiger Claw figure has, but I did the tiger scratch mark instead because I thought it fit the "XTREME" feel that I get out of the Sigma 6 figures.

So there you have it. A nostalgic love letter to a character I wanted to see more of as a kid, combined with a toyline I had total apathy for as a kid. As simple as it is, I like how it turned out.

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