Head: Indiana Jones- Mutt Williams
Helmeted head: Spider-Man Homecoming- The Vulture (Star Wars Geek cast)
Neck: Retaliation Roadblock cast
Chest/back: ARAH Barbecue
Arms: ARAH Cobra Blackstar
Waist: ARAH Ripcord
Upper legs: ARAH '87 Cobra Commander
Lower legs: ARAH '92 Stalker
Jetpack: Star Wars- Clone Trooper


Air Raid was initially a mediocre character that Hasbro half-assed in 2009, but the GIJCC re-imagined it into a much better version in 2016. A different character, in fact. They salvaged the codename with a more vibrant figure and did some great work.


Here the approach is to use mostly ARAH parts to create a custom version to fill the character slot. The GIJCC figure featured a more layered look with lots of removable gear. This figure doesn't have that, but the ammo pouches on the lower leg and the jetpack add back some gear. The Barbecue front/back and the Cobra Commander upper legs were the key pieces. The jetpack also re-imagines Air Raid as a high altitude jetpack pilot as well. Using the ARAH format lets the figure's limbs move without being stifled by the bulky Modern Era harness.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the GIJCC figure. The jetpack probably should have been tinkered with a bit to disguise its Clone Trooper vibe, but it's not a piece that I would have tagged as being Star Wars at a first glance. I figured painting most of in a solid color was different enough.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The helmeted head and neck are cast, the head by Star Wars Geek. The jawline on the Mutt Williams figure was lowered and squared with epoxy.

Thanks for looking.

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