Everything: '90 Cold Front

My first go at Sonic Fighters included some new characters and existing characters, but lacked any straight repaints. While some of the figures were cool and found a permanent home in my collection, others ended up being re-purposed or scrapped entirely.
However, I wasn't done with Sonic Fighters quite yet. I wanted to make a new wave of Sonic Fighters more in line with the original assortment back in '90 and focus on cool repaints of existing figures.


Cold Front has been fascinated with tanks since he was a toddler, and has spent his career with the Joe team in command of one of the most sophisticated, ferocious fighting vehicles to ever roll across the tundra - The Avalanche. His experience with laser targeting designators and ECM maintenance make him the obvious candidate to test the Joe team's Sonic Weapons in sub-zero temperatures.

"Getting Cold Front out of the climate controlled cockpit of the Avalanche and on the front line with an XMLR-3030 Pulse Cannon was initially a challenge for Gen. Hawk, but once Cold Front discovered how devastating a quick burst from a high intensity laser pistol it the freezing arctic can be to a Cobra Ice Sabre, he was much more enthusiastic."

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