Head: Gung-Ho (v1) 1983
Torso: Gung-Ho (v1) 1983 - modified
Arms: Gung-Ho (v1) 1983 - modified
Waist: Barbecue (v2) 1989
Legs: Gung-Ho (v1) 1983 - modified

Why hasn't there been an official TF Gung-Ho? No fear... I fixed it!

I used my go to yellow when it comes to tiger force: Citadel's Averland Sunset. I find it the best tiger force yellow I've seen so far and use it as much as I can. For the steal details, I also used Citadel paint: "leadbelcher". All the other paints are Revell Aqua Color I gave the torso two different colours, to point out the inside of this vest. The colous are separated by a "zipper" which I painted in my favourite metallic colour "copper". I think it "classes up" the custom.

The only mods I did were applying waterslide decals on the torso and the right upper arm. I printed them myself with a laser printer on transparent decal printing "paper". On the left foot, I replaced the existing knife, with an interactive Marauder Inc.'s sheath and knife.

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