Head: Nightfighter Guile (v1) 1994 - modified
Torso: Outback (v1) 1987 - modified
Arms: Salvo (v1) 1990
Waist: Metal-Head (v1) 1990
Upper legs: Quick Kick (v1) 1985 - modified
Lower legs: Wild Card (v1) 1988 - modified

Boxing dummy:
Head + torso: Road Pig (v1) 1988

For many reasons, I made an action figure version of my Krav Maga instructor Heath. I sculpted the head to resemble him as close as I could (see last picture) and many decals to copy our official training uniform. I made the boxing dummy using Road Pig's (v1) 1988 head and torso, black miliput, an old sanding needle and the lid of a contact lens container. A custom made waterslide decal with IKMN's logo to finish it off!

Needles to say, he absolutely loved the gift I made!

I used Revell Aquacolor acryllic paints. The color scheme is pretty basic: tar black, bright grey and fire red. For the patch I used Citadel's Averland Sunset.

I made and applied a lot of waterslide decals for the t-shirt and pants. The head is modified to resemble Heath's head. I used my dremel and green stuff for that. The "Expert level 4"- patch on his pants is made with green stuff as well.

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