Snake Eyes
Head: Snake Eyes (v2)1985
Torso: Snake Eyes (v4) 1991
Arms: Snake Eyes (v4) 1991
Waist: Mercer (v1) 1987
Upper Legs: Desert Scorpion (v1) 1991
Lower Legs: Snake Eyes (v4) 1991

Sword and uzi: Marauder Inc.

We all know that Snake Eyes (v2) 1985 has the best head. We also know that Snake eyes (v4) 1991 has the best torso of all the Snake Eyes versions. So, I combined them to create the ultimate Snake Eyes.

Paint: I liked painting the details on his arms, chest, sword and belt in silver. The metallic details give him a lot more "class" than the original paint job Hasbro gave him. Normally I would use "lead" of "steel", but in this case silver was the only true way to go...

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