Head: Sgt. Slaughter (v2) 1986
Torso: Slavo (v1) 1990
Arms: Salvo (v1) 1990
Waist: Flint (v1) 1985
Legs: Dusty (v1) 1985 - modified

Webgear, weapon and ankle knife: Marauder Inc.

This is a pretty straight forward but very nice custom I did as a commission. It's not a Night Force version per se, but I very much took my inspiration from the Night Force sub team.

I used Revell Aqua Colour acrylic paints for this custom. I made pretty simple but effective camo pattern on his pants and I chose for an all black t-shirt, so it wouldn't distract too much from the pants.

Only thing I changed, was the knife on his ankle. Dusty's legs have a sculpted knife, but I changed it for an interactive one from Marauder Inc.

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