Head: Angry Nomad cast with RoC Covergirl hair and Aves
Torso: MU Sandman with Aves and twine
Legs and feet: MU Sandman
Upper arms: Indiana Jones Temple Guard
Lower arms: MTF Agent
Alt hands: Retaliation Roadblock
Robe: Revenge of the Sith hologram Plo Koonn with New Sculpt Slice belt
Mjolnir: Movie Thor
Beer mug: Dime Novel Legends

I loved Thor's portrayal in End Game. I wanted to make a version of him and the Marvel Legends version sealed it for me.

Props to Lance Sputnik for the upper arm idea. When I told him I was sculpting the baggy upper arms he responded in disgust, "WHY?!" Then he proceeded to show me a half dozen other options I failed to consider.

I also discovered something about myself. I would rather make the Guardians roster, paint eyes, sow soft goods, make diorama facades, paint miniature riders and mounts, sculpt scale tortilla chips and guac and even a giant grub instead of painting plaid. I found every excuse to avoid doing it until I just wanted to get it over with. drbindy's Batcave pics really motivated me to get it done and take cool pics with it.

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