Head: Wolverine Origins Sabretooth
Torso, upper arms, legs: 25th Recondo
Lower arms: POC Snake Eyes
Hands: Retaliation Colton
Bandolier: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Helmet: DG Duke

Ambush had been on my customs to-make list for a long time. I started on a version of him a few years ago but did not get very far. Recently, looking through my fodder, I found a spare 25th Recondo body and legs. Looking at it closer, I realized that it worked well as a base body for Ambush. Since the uniform is already the right base colour, all I had to do was paint over the camouflage pattern. It gives Ambush more camo than the original figure (since I had to cover all of Recondo's original camo pattern), but I actually quite like it.

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