Zombie Lab body and with different character's head
MTF Vals belt and pouches
Chap Mei rope
Naboo Padme boots
Iron Man 2 Ivan Vanko/Whiplash
Radio Playmobil
"The Really Big Gun" BBi Elite Force
25th GI Joe knife

The Youtube Addict, formerly known as the Unicorn Addict, has been bugging me since we saw Jumanji: The Next Level to make a Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan's character) for her. I said I would help her make her own. She went through the fodder and picked out parts she liked based on a reference photo she found. I walked her through it all on how I would do it, but she did the work. She learned how to spray paint to do a base coat and immediately wanted to start tagging the neighborhood. She learned a little about detail painting and little about washes and little about covering up mistakes. After her third set of wonky eyes she asked a pro to do it for her. Since no pros were available, she got to see first hand how un-professional I am at painting eyes and didn't feel as bad about herself afterward.

The paint wasn't even dry yet before she was taking pictures of it to share with her friends. She saw me using that plant for Gung Ho pics a few days earlier and decided she wanted the same thing for Ruby. Then she ran off and before I could ask where she was going, she came back with the Playmobil radio for some dance fighting. Brilliant.

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