Torso: V6 Ace
Everything Else: V3 Kamakura, spare sword
Paints used: Mr. Hobby Acrysion Flat Red (Armor, Vest Accents), Mr. Hobby Acrysion Green (Torso)

I had a V3 Kamakura with a stripped screw and a broken O-Ring. When trying to get the screw out, I ended up damaging the torso. I had this spare Ace one, so I painted it green. The accents on the vest, and the armor pieces are also painted red as an homage to a personal character of mine who is a samurai.

The little story behind this was just something I came up with on the fly. While on a mission in Japan that requires both the use of his traditional ninja training and modern military devices, Kamakura gets his hands on a sacred set of gauntlets and greaves that once belonged to a legendary warrior.

Since the Valor vs.Venom era is no stranger to playing up the stereotypical Oriental mysticism commonly associated with ninjas (with the movie giving Kamakura a literal mystical sword), I just fully embraced that with our Green Power Ranger here. I also find a major guilty pleasure type charm in the neon 90s Ninja Force stuff, and Kamakura was my childhood favorite, so this little slapped-together figure was my own marriage of the two.

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