Head: ARAH Comic Pack Hawk (cast)
Torso: ROC Ice-Viper
Upper arms: NS '04 Stalker
Lower arms: Star Wars- Obi-Wan Kenobi
Upper legs: NS Croc Master
Lower legs: NS Cobra Commander
Hat: ARAH Gnawdahyde
Jacket: Star Wars- Uncle Owen
Satchel: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Belt pouches: push mold from NS Wetsuit


GI Joe Special Missions #2 is a masterpiece of Larry Hama's writing and Herb Trimpe's artwork. It featured the Joes attempting to get information from an elderly Nazi fugitive in order to disarm an aging chemical weapon. Before they can get to him, though, the Joes are intercepted by a team of Mossad operatives with different plans for the octogenarian monster. Ibriham is the Mossad team leader.


Using mostly junk parts, the trick was to recreate Ibraham's jacket/robe. The body of the jacket was drawn as being windswept and loose, which the Star Wars parts accomplish. The Hawk head, with its Herb Trimpe artwork-inspired high cheek bones and gaunt look, matched up well for his drawings of Ibraham.

Colors & Paints:

Based on the comic book, with a few minor changes.

Painting the stripes on the robe turned out to be a headache. I painted the entire robe with a coat of acrylic paint so that the blue spray paint would stick. That worked. I then masked out the blue areas and applied black paint to make the stripes. When I pulled away the tape (an art tape, not regular masking tape), big chunks of the blue spray paint peeled right off of the robe. So I ended up hand painting most of the stripes, which I hid with some weathering.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast, with some work done to the hair. The upper legs wouldn't quite fit with the t-posts, so some epoxy was needed to fill the gaps at the tops of the legs. The pouches on the belt are push molds made from the "floating" belt of the NS Wetsuit.


This figure is dedicated to the great collaborative team of Larry Hama and Herb Trimpe.

Thanks for looking.

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