Head: The Black Hole- Dan Holland cast
Chest/Back: NS Cobra Coils
Arms: NS Snake-Eyes
Waist: NS BAT
Legs: NS Cannonball
Feet: ROC Terra-Viper
Helmet/shoulder/chest armor: Imaginext- ???
Backpack: 25A. Barbecue


In the Marvel comic, Payload first appeared as a black man, although the figure was a white guy. I considered making a cast of a Payload head to create a Marvel Payload, but I figured why not go for an all-new version.

I used this custom to make a Marvel-inspired version of the character, and to put him in a more updated spacesuit. The spacesuit takes inspiration from the real and imaginary ones shown to us by SpaceX, "The Martian", as well as the ones seen in the new "Lost in Space".

The backpack isn't intended as an EVA, just an oxygen supply.

Colors & Paint:

The '87 Payload featured orange/silver bits over white. I used pops of orange for details. The silver wash helps pull out the details over the entire uniform. Metallic gold for the visor.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast from Dan Holland (the actor Robert Forster) from The Black Hole. The sculpting on Mego stuff was amazing and looked better than the original Payload head.

The Imaginext armor was cut to better fit the figure, with some of the kibble added to the backside of the waist as a resting attachment point for the backpack. The helmet itself was originally open, so I filled it with epoxy to create the appearance of a closed faceplate. I tried to glue round plastic into the helmet, but superglue wouldn't bond the plastic and the more rubbery Imaginext helmet together.

Superglue did bond the backpack to the Imaginext helmet, so I caught a break there.

The elbow hinges and thigh screw insets were epoxy filled and smoothed.

Thanks for looking.

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