Cobra Commander Comic Pack Battle Armor version. Cesspool V1 Head. Custom gun

I love to hate Cobra Commander in ssssso many waysssss. First he is one of the meanest baddies out there, but there are so many different portrayals of him. Some make him an evil genius and others make him out to be a bumbling idiot.
I prefer the mean version who is not afraid to get in the thick of the fight. I also hate that there has never been a version I really loved until now! I have always loved the battle injured face of Cesspool, now with the removable battle armour version, I was able to combine the 2 and now I have a version I really love! I feel this shows his true personality, and it is also more age appropriate for him to still be ruling Cobra and trying to rule the world.
Before you hate...I know this is an LBC & don't care!

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