Head: Street Fighter- Guile
Chest/back: ARAH Big Brawler
Arms: ARAH Sgt. Slaughter
Waist, upper legs: NS Croc Master
Lower legs (to wrapped boots): NS Cobra Commander
Wrapped boots: Star Wars- Tusken Raider
Vest: Men in Black- Mr. Wu
Satchel: 25A Tunnel Rat
Walking stick: scratch built
Shoulder skull: epoxy sculpt w/ Star Wars- General Grievous fingers


An unproduced figure during the New Sculpt era, Son of Kwinn was a forerunner concept of what became Ghost Bear. Unlike Ghost Bear's techno-bodysuit, Son of Kwinn would have been decked out in a "live off of the land" buckskin outfit. A mix of ARAH, NS, and Star Wars part frame out the body, but the soul of it is the Mr. Wu vest. It creates the belly and barrel chest.

Hasbro's artwork featured SoK holding a three-pronged weapon made of bone. But it looked like a gardening tool, so I replaced it with walking stick. The walking stick is also good because it works with the lower left leg, which appears to have a fractured/warped shinbone.

Kwinn is a character who would have more than one son, so there's no reason that Son of Kwinn and Ghost Bear can't be different characters. "Son of Kwinn" had to have been Hasbro's placeholder name, but it works.

Colors & Paints:

Based off of the artwork.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The mullet and slicked-back hair are epoxy sculpted, as are the smoothed-out thigh screw insets and shoulder rivets. The bulked up thighs and skull (minus the teeth, which are General Grievous fingers) are made from epoxy. The loose hair strands are hot glue.

The vest was cut at the neck and one of the top edges, as well as the shoulder sockets.

The boots were chopped off and replaced with the wrapped Tusken Raider feet.

The walking stick is made from a paperclip, wrapped with wire and drizzled with seeds.

A special thanks to 2DARK2C for providing the vest!

Thanks for looking.

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