MTF Head
Baroness Body
Parts and Accessories from various Iron Grenadier figures

Copperback grew up in the hills around Castle Destro. Her ancestors worked for the various leaders of Clan McCullen, some as skilled marksmen and others are toilers in the kitchen. But Copperback always knew that she was destined for something greater, she wasn't going to waste her life away on the battle fields or in domestic service.

Copperback pushed herself to learn everything she could in the pursuit of knowledge and science. She went to a number of ivy league institutions before returning to her ancestral homelands. Some in her family hoped she would escape the pull of Castle Destro, but to Copperback it sang such a beautiful song. She wanted to be someone, she wanted to do something.

Copperback offered her services to Destro and has been working towards his goals for years. She's a background player, helping to develop new weapons in the Iron Grenadier R&D department, while also pursuing a passion in biological weapons.

* I got the inspiration for this character based off one of the more recent IDW runs. Copperback was a scientist working for Destro. I always wanted to add her to the ranks and flesh out my Iron Grenadiers and finally got the chance to with this relatively easy lbc.

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