MTF Female all black body
Iron Grenadier 25th head
MTF Red Slack Vest

Iron Grenadiers are Destro's fiercest defenders, foot soldiers who take to any terrain to defend their leader and his cause. The ranks have too long been filled out by only the best of the best men that Destro deemed fit to represent him. In recent years that has changed as more and more female soldiers have risen through the ranks and proven themselves worthy of the same respect and titles as their male counterparts.

Female Iron Grenadiers are every bit as tenacious and determined as their male counterparts. Perhaps a bit more strategic and mature as well.

*This was a relatively easy LBC. I had the MTF body and slack suit for a previous version of a customer I no longer wanted to keep. I popped on the Iron Grenadier head and the color scheme matched right up.

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