Thor Figures Head (not sure character)
Street Viper minus the vest

Krait took his name after the shy and nocturnal species of snakes found common throughout Asia. He grew up a shy boy, on the border of a disputed land between China and India. The kind of land where certain individuals thrive and freedom dies. He watched as his family members struggled with putting food on the table, neither side caring whether or not the people were safe and secure - caring only for where the border line was drawn on each new map.

He watched as Cobra moved into the area, using the turmoil on the border dispute to set up a regional base of operations. He watched as they recruited his friends, and then watched as those same friends died or disappeared.

Krait changed, and learned. He learned to operate in the night, just the way his namesake did. He successfully managed to ruin a good number of Cobra's operations, not to mention that of the Chinese and Indian officials in the area as well.

Serpentor caught wind of him as he recruited to rebuild The Coil, it wasn't long before he was able to fold him into his ranks. He never got his name though. Krait had grown up in a land where no one cared enough about you to get your name, whether he'd forgotten it, or just held it too tightly - he wasn't going to share it.

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