Head: Deep Six 1989

Torso: Low Light 1991

Arms: Salvo 1989

Waist: Rock n Roll 1989

Upper legs: Salvo 1989

Lower Legs: Wetsuit 1992

Extra Parts: Web Gear from a 25th Anniversary Figure

Deep Six hasn't really had very good figures in the past. While the 1989 and Eco Warriors versions were cool you couldn't really play with them out of the water. Navy divers are very versatile, they work in and out of water and also support NSW (naval special operations) as well as being a SPEC OPS rating themselves. With this customs I just wanted to make a cool looking Deep Six as well as being able to use him in and out of water.
Hope you enjoy my take on Deep Six.

Note there is a drawing in the photos, this is because I like to draw out my ideas for customs before I find the parts needed for them.

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