Head: '90 Undertow
Torso: '89 Long Range
Arms: '85 Alpine
Waist: '88 Skidmark
Legs: 88 Skidmark

Something about the Battle Corps subset has always appealed to me. It gave us cool updates to great characters, and the designs were solid. The colors were wacky and seemingly random at times, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment of using them. To me, the biggest dislike about them was the lack of individual weapons and accessories in favor of weapon sprues and oversized missile launchers.

Over the last few years I have been adding updates to my Battle Corps line up and one of my focuses with the custom is to put together a design and color scheme that would fit in well with that series of figures. Shockwave is the latest entry to the Battle Corps line up and is intended to fit in with the '94 assortment of figures.
Shockwave here remains a SWAT Specialist, and his design and camo pattern is an homage to the original figure.

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