Head: Flint '94
Torso: Lowlight '02
Arms: Lowlight '02
Waist: Alpine '85
Upper Legs: Alpine '85
Lower Legs: Stalker '94
Vest: 25th Anniversary GI Joe Vest

With this Custom I've always had an idea for a Weapons Officer in the Navy similar to the Army's Special Forces Weapons Sergeant but it wouldn't be his primary MOS. I put his primary MOS as Diver again but he's with the SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle Team). I named him Gator because Gators are amphibious in nature and being a Diver with the Seals, he'd also be amphibious.
He's usually paired with Deep Six on Missions, like the one where Zanzibar takes over an aircraft carrier in the Mekong Delta to do weapons smuggling operations, among other things, for Cobra in the Pacific region.
(I have the whole idea written out on my phone, that's what the drawings are for. I have Deep Six, Gator, Zanzibar and his crew all drawn out, Just need to illustrate the idea now and maybe submit it to turn into a comic)

For the legs, I tried to make it look like he had shorts on and a wetsuit underneath it but it's a 50/50 shot if that's how its taken to be seen as.

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