Head: NS Monkeywrench
Chest/back: Link Talbot
Arms, waist: NS Ace
Waist: NS Slice
Legs: ARAH Shipwreck V1


Pancho would have been Eagle Force's counter-insurgency expert, but Mego closed down before the next wave was produced.


This figure originally was to be a Rock 'n Roll figure, but I decided just to work on a full ARAH Rock 'n Roll for my Stars and Stripes Forever II set instead. The head/chest/back/waist looked good, so I kept it for Pancho. I switched out the arms and legs for something closer to the Mego artwork. Paul Kirchner's artwork shows Pancho as being a bit on the short side, so I used the arms and legs to create a smaller frame.

Colors & Paint:

Nothing fancy. Used my tan/yellow/orange camouflage pattern to replace the metallic gold of the Mego line.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The elbow pins and thigh screw insets were filled. The pouches on the chest and waist are made from push molds.

Thanks for looking.

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