Chest, arms and hands: Baroness V13
Legs: Baroness V11
Head: Lady Jaye V7
Feet: Copperhead V4

Madoo was born in the region called Alsace, in France. As a child she lost both of her parents during a safari in Tanzania. She ended up being adopted and raised by the Masai tribe, where she learned how to use bows and arrows and developed her passion for archery. Once it became parte of her life, she begun protecting the Serengeti National Park from illegal hunters. One thing led to another, and there she was, representing the African country in the Olympic Games. No gold medal goes unnoticed, and the French became aware that girl was not missed, as they thought she was. So, bye bye gold medal. However, it called the Joes' attention. Someone so skilled could always be handy. Since then, she sees the world as a larger Serengeti and tries to protect it from any kind of hunter.
"Blame it on your mother, bitch".

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