Head - '86 Strato-Viper
Torso - '93 Roadblock
Arms - '91 Big Ben
Legs - '88 Iron Grenadier

SIDEWINDER has surpassed nearly every record ever set by any Cobra pilot. She was recruited after stealing a prototype aircraft being tested at a secret Cobra base somewhere in the Sahara Desert, where she was held as a captive. She shot down five Cobra pilots before crashing her wounded plane into a dune. She survived for four days in the deep desert before a Scorpion patrol found her. It was suggested that she be put into the Strato-Viper corps, but Destro insisted that SIDEWINDER become the first pilot of his Desert Vulture program. Ace said "G.I.Joe pilots have become accustomed to the way most Cobra pilots fly and are always training to counteract their expected maneuvers, but what they've come to expect from Sidewinder is the unexpected. She'd ditch her vehicle into a live volcano if she thought the resulting explosion would destroy her enemies, even if it destroyed her allies. She's not a loose cannon. Sidewinder is dangerous!

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