Head: '90 Drop Zone
Torso: '88 Skidmark
Arms: '94 Dial-tone
Waist: '89 Gnawgahyde
Legs: '89 Gnawgahyde

"Prior to joining the Sky Patrol, Drop Zone served the Joe team as a Special Forces Advisor. He could often be found behind enemy lines arming and training rebels in the proficient use of combat rifles and sidearms, or setting up a forward operations post. His work in this capacity is what landed him a spot on the elite Sky Patrol team a few years later. "

The Sky Patrol figures were cool. They were neat repaints with great head sculpts, but those head sculpts were only ever used once making them a lot less recognizable than so many others. I wanted to find ways to better incorporate some of the members into my larger Joe team, and Drop Zone with having a specialty as a weapons specialist and a secondary MOS as Special Forces Advisor seemed like a great place to start.
This figure was designed to be added to my '87 assortment of figures despite some anachronistic parts usage.

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