head: '93 Frostbite
Torso: '94 Flint
Arms: '93 Keel-Haul
Waist: Unknown
Legs: '85 Dusty

"Over the years, Frostbite has served the Joe team in a number of capacities from operating the Snow Cat in the arctic to launching the Tiger Cat over sand dunes in the Sahara. He also served as the Arctic Commander for the Battle Corps, and now does the same for the elite Battle Rangers. No one knows fighting in the cold and snow as well as Frostbite, which is why he's played such an integral role in Joe's arctic operations against Cobra for so long."

This figure is based on the unproduced concept figure from the mid nineties, that I believe was originally intended to be used as part of the Mega Marine line, but could be seen on the Battle Rangers Sea Wolf and Battle Station art proof sheets. Ever since seeing images of him in one of the Declassified newsletters, I wanted to add a version of him to my collection.

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