Base Body and Masked Heads: Spider-Man Homecoming two-pack figure. Repainted, and expressions added to masks

Hands: SHS Spidey (modded with magnets)

Unmasked Head: Spartan 118 shrink

I've had a few Spider-Man customs over the years. Started with a Joe-style one, then one off the old Super Hero Showdown figure. But then was never really pleased with any Marvel figures since, as they were all full-grown muscular hero sized. Spider-Man is best portrayed as a smaller teenage hero as far as I'm concerned.

The movie figure is perfectly scaled for the rest of the heroes I've made. So then it was down to the details. Swappable masks to show the different expressions the mask can make, and then an unmasked shrunk Tom Holland head for Peter, as done by Spartan 118.

Like all my Marvel guys, this Spidey exists in the world I call EXCAL, which is an organization formed at the end of the Joe-Cobra wars.

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