Head- Rise of Cobra Shipwreck
Torso,Arms,Upper Legs-Dollar Store Shipwreck
Lower Legs-25th Shipwreck
Backpack- don't remember either a BBI figure or the Rise of Cobra Shipwreck. It's been awhile.

Shipwreck DD
Shipwreck-Devils Due/Night mission look-
I liked the edgy feel Shipwreck had when we first met him in The Revenge of Cobra. He did become more comedy based as his time went on but I always loved his line in the GI. Joe move "Back Off...FAST!" as the Joes were getting there asses handed to them.
With that being said Devils Due did a nice redesign that I believe partly from the opening of the Sunbow episode "Springfield" when Shipwreck goes through hell in a small town.
Anyway I wanted to capture the gruffer, edgier side of Shipwreck who is ready to kick some ass.

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