Head, Arms, Torso -Retaliation Firefly
Lower Legs -Retaliation Flint
Hands-Don't know some figure
Gun-Marauder Gun-Runners
Gun Clip satchel and Flashlight-Retaliation Night Viper
Drone-Retaliation Duke
Sniper Case and gun-Lowlight
Shoulder Holster-Rise of Cobra Hawk

Firefly Version 2
When I got the Retaliation Firefly with the sled I thought there were elements that were really cool. I wasn't sure what to do with him though. Then as some time passed I started looking up pictures of his version 2 figure that came out in the early 90's. It seemed like it was a decent challenge to try and use that design as inspiration but also de-Ninja force it a bit. I decided that when Firefly goes on certain missions he gears up depending on what he thinks might be needed for that mission. When he goes deep behind enemy lines the grey camo saboteur look isn't enough protection and he suits up with tons of back up weaponry and also higher tech such as a drone and Sniper rifle to accomplish his mission. I gave him Lifeline's helmet to mimic the one the v.2 figure had and also gave him a marauder weapon that also was a slight throwback to the type the v.2 figure came with. After that I played around with the color and camo patterns and here we are.

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