All parts and accessories - Siege Megatron

Megatron may have had the single biggest discrepancy between his toy form and his cartoon form back in the day (other then Jetfire/Skyfire, perhaps, but that's a whole other story). With the Megatron from War for Cybertron: Siege, we get a really good, cartoon-accurate toy for his robot mode. But this figure is essentially a Generation 2 Megatron dressed up as a Generation 1 Megatron, since its alternate form is a tank rather than a pistol. Which is fine by me, I much prefer tank Megatron to 9 mm pistol Megatron. Makes him a lot more intimidating. I like the sword too, since it's an homage to his original release in Japan which had a similar accessory. At any rate, this custom is primarily to make some paint upgrades to get the colours even closer to the cartoon, and to chrome things that should be chrome.

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