Head: Roadblock (v2) 1986
Body: Ace (v2) 1992
Helmet, airmask, submachine gun: Ace(v2) 1992
Paints used: Model Master Acrylics

I got the idea to create Tailhook from the fact that there aren't any other Navy pilots on the Joe Team. The only known naval aviator in G.I. Joe is Keel-Haul, but other than him no other Navy pilots among G.I. Joe's ranks. Theoretically speaking a top secret military organization, let alone a fictitious one, should have a more diverse group of pilots among its ranks. I have always found it somewhat irksome that the majority of the Joe Team's pilots, whether they are fixed or rotary wing pilots, are either Air Force or Army. That and most of G.I. Joe's vehicle drivers, i.e. pilots, are either Caucasian or male. So with those things being said, I decided to make Tailhook both African American and a naval aviator. I came up with the code name Tailhook from the big steel hooks that Navy planes use to catch arresting wires on aircraft carrier flight decks in order to land. At first I was going to leave the Ace body and helmet unpainted until I decided that I wanted a more realistic looking fighter pilot. Anyway I am very pleased with how Tailhook came out. Not bad for my first custom G.I. Joe figure. Eventually I'll get around to creating some more diverse pilots, like Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, female, etc. The same goes for creating Marine and Coast Guard pilots. If only Hasbro had thought of creating more diverse vehicle drivers in general to begin with. Seriously Hasbro.

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