Head-Jurassic Park General head from Ragin Spoon
Hat, Body, Harness-Russian hat from Marauder Gun Runners
Gun-Vintage Big Bear gun that came with a Joe Vs Cobra era figure
Backpack-25th Duke style backpack with added various pouches

I see characters like Big Bear and pretty much any figure post 1987 and always wonder what Sunbow would have done with the characters. Big Bear is one of those characters/figures. It was an interesting time back then when Russians/Soviets, after years of being seen as the enemy of the United States, were now being seen as allies. This shifted drastically the story points for the Oktober Guard. I always saw Big Bear as a kind of exchange soldier for the Joes and used him in that way. I wanted a figure that looked bulky and intense. I hadn't picked up any of Marauder Gun Runner's figures yet (only weapons) and after seeing their World War II British soldier decided to take the plunge as I felt it was a perfect fit for the comrade here. I sculpted on a few Big Bear elements such as pouches on his arms and the square piece by his collar. After that it was a very simple and satisfying figure. I decided that I have an excess of the Duke backpack and tons of pouches I've cut off of figures over the last 15 years. I felt that I could get a reasonable approximation of the original figures backpack this way. Finally I wanted an "intense" head sculpt and decided on the Jurassic Park General figure that has been floating around for decades at this point. I used it previously on my Chuckles custom but felt with a sculpted on beard and different paint job he looked different and fit the character for me. Finally I had to figure out how to make the slinging pouch on his left leg. A few left over straps from other figures and a pouch crazy glued to a vinyl backing brought the figure together.

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