Head - Sneak-Peek (modified)
Arms - Psyche-Out
Torso - Tele-Viper
Waist - Leatherneck
Legs - Sgt. Stalker v5

Assault rifle - unknown
Shemagh - Marauder Inc.

Triton is part of a 3-pack of Brazilian special operations figures, following on the Canadian, French, and British teams produced already. The name is taken from a Brazilian version of Stalker released in the early 80s. He serves with GRUMEC, the special operations combat diving unit of the Brazilian Navy. They are similar in function to US Navy SEALs or British SBS, infiltrating coastal or riverine environments to perform recon, sabotage and other special missions. The previous sets focused more on realistic outfitting for the figures, but this can result in repetition so this trio is more unique. I have no no idea where his rifle came from but it's totally kitted out and awesome.

File Name: Rossi, Mateus
Birthplace: Porto Alegre, BRA
Service Branch: Air Force
Grade: Suboficial Fuzileiro Naval (E-9 equivalent)
Primary MOS: Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Secondary MOS: Combat Diver, Paratrooper

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