Head: '02 Big Ben
Torso: '85 Alpine
Arms: '86 Lowlight
Waist: unknown
Legs: '83 Airborne

I've always been a fan of Big Ben, both the figure and the character. He was one of my favorite figures from '91 as his mold and accessories were top notch. However, by the early 2000's I was so tired of seeing that mold in various repaint after repaint. I figured the character was worthy of having a different look.
This Big Ben was designed for long range operations in a variety of difference environments, and I wanted to emphasize his light infantry capabilities.

Much like how the original ARAH Joe figures were inspired by real military aesthetics, his uniform jacket is based on the British SAS multi-terrain camo.

This particular figure has been added to my '92 assortment of figures.

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