Head: '93 Mirage
Torso: '86 Roadblock
Arms: '93 Muskrat
Waist: '87 Red Dog
Legs: '87 Red Dog

"On a mission in deep space, Hawk; Duke; and Gung-ho seemingly disappeared without a trace. Several weeks later their ship is discovered orbiting Earths atmosphere, and the three veteran Joe's are found alive and well...But not all is as it seems with these three comrades, beneath the surface lies a terrifying secret. These aren't the same Joes we know and love, but rather highly trained infiltrators from the Lunartx empire, an alien race bent on conquering our world. Will their scheme be uncovered before they have a chance to replicate the rest of the Joe team? Will the real Hawk, Duke and Gung-ho ever be found? With these fully posable figures, the fate of the world is in your hands!"

The Replicators were a set of figures set to be released in 1995, and would have included Duke along with Hawk, Gung-ho, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander and Destro. While the art work was cool for these guys, I can tell from the figure schematics that I would have hated the figures themselves. It was articulation I hated as a kid, and as a teen, a gimmick I would have scoffed at. I never actually gave the designs or concept much thought until I came across the Joeconcepts blog which shared the human version of these Replicator designs, minus the chest-bursting alien gimmick. These figures are based more on the designs from the Joeconcepts blog than anything else.
I also wanted these figures to feel as different as possible from any other versions of these characters in my collection while still remaining recognizable.

Duke was a fun challenge because I had no idea what I was going to use for a head. I finally settled on the Mirage head and added the Marauder cao and antenna.

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