Red version:
-Head:cant remember
-Helm:50th Night Viper
-Body:Poc/50th Schock Trooper
-Weapons & Backpack:Roc Neo Commander or Trooper

Green version
-Head:ret.Night Viper
-Helm:ret.Night Viper
-Body:DG trooper
-Gear:Poc Duke
-Weapons:ret.Night Viper

Night-Vipers are trained to operate in complete darkness. They live in windowless barracks with no interior lights and they are in constant training in stealth and darkness.
As part of their regimen and discipline, they sneak up on each other often and they almost never see the light of day. Their equipment is no less impressive. Their helmet uses the latest technology in image intensifiers, anything from infrared detection to night vision to directional sound amplifiers.
Their suits reduce their infrared signature and also render them invisible to most ground radar. All these give him a "see first, eliminate first" advantage over their enemies. However, all this come with a price to a Night-Viper.
Their eyes have become so accustomed to the dark that it takes no more than flashing a bright light in their faces to burn out their sensors. Of course, in order to do that you have to find them first.

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