head:Roc Destro
Body:Roc Cobra Commander
Cape/vest:Poc Commander(red version)
Weapon:Roc Viper
Case:Poc Hawk

Revell gold paint.

Born in near poverty in the Midland Valley of Scotland, Alexander McCullen was raised by a single mother who spoke so little about his father, that Alexander did not even know his name. Unable to afford much in the way of education, Alexander learned from the criminals and gangs he fell in with during his youth. Resenting his situation in life, teenaged Alexander began to seek out information about his father's identity. He was pleased to learn he was none other than wealthy international arms dealer, James McCullen Destro XXIV. He researched his family history and became obsessed with gaining his father's approval and one day taking Destro's place in the family business.

When he arrived at his father's home, Alexander found Destro bedridden and from a family illness, and learned that his father had not even known he existed. Alexander seized his opportunity and took over the family business, hoping to prove himself to his long lost father, even posing as Destro. The Baroness, despairing over Destro's condition, supported Alexander's effort to keep the business alive. When the fugitive Cobra Commander returned to America in 2001 with a renewed Cobra organization, he put a call out to his former high command. Alexander posed as Destro, arriving with the Baroness in tow. He quickly seized control of the organization and had the Commander locked in a padded cell and infected him with stolen nano-mite technology to drive him insane. Alexander's chief military strategist was Lilian Osbourne -- aka Mistress Armada -- a former British soldier whose interest in Alexander was more than just professional. Using nano-mites to cripple the nation's infrastructure, Alexander and Lilian began their plan to take over America, and soon had to lead a renewed Cobra in battle against the reinstated G.I. Joe team. When the Joes foiled their plans, Lilian and Alexander were "rescued" by the Baroness, only to be jailed by Destro in his castle in Trans-Carpathia.

Destro vowed to make his son and Lilian pay for what they had done in his name. After his castle was attacked by Cobra Commander, Destro revealed that it was his son who took control of Cobra, and offered Lilian to the Commander as his prisoner. She served as the Commander's servant, doing menial tasks and waiting on him. Alexander, too, was forced to do the same by his father. He was finally given another chance when he helped Destro rescue the Baroness from Russian mobsters. When Cobra Commander was captured on Cobra Island by the forces of a revived Serpentor, he radioed Destro and told him all debts would be repaid if he led Cobra in the battle to rescue him. Destro commanded Cobra for a short time, and allowed both Lilian and Alexander to fight at his side. Destro returned to lead his Iron Grendiers and sent Alexander and Lilian on an assignment to recruit the mercenary known as Wraith to work for Destro. Alexander was happy to be working with Destro as he takes over Cobra, and continued to try and prove himself to his father. Lately, he has become concerned about his father's attentions now that he has learned he has married the Baroness and the couple is expecting their first child. He was then kept apart from Armada as Destro assigned her as one of the commanders of Cobra's forces in Europe

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