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Head: Scarlett
Rest: SW Rose

Micro grew up watching her older brother Chip playing with RC cars. She showed an affinity for them the moment she held a controller. She entered RC races all over using her skills to win race after race. When her brother joined the National Guard she knew she wanted to do the same on her 18th birthday.

She never had the chance. The undead rose up and began attacking. Her parents tried their best to protect her but ended up falling prey to the zombie masses. To survive she began using the various remote-controlled trucks and cars she had to trip the shambling corpses. She quickly got the idea to weaponize them, using a drill she screwed anything sharp she could find; kitchen knives, saw blades, etc. She used them to great effect. When Chip arrived they were able to escape. They amassed a collection of civilian and military drones and use them to protect their home.

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