Head. Crazy-Legs v1
Chest. Frostbite v3
Arms> Blizzard v1
Waist. Roadblock v1
Thighs. Buzzer v1
Feet. Frostbite v1

Backpack. Dusty v4
machine gun. world peacekeekers

Code name. Javelin
File name. Fellaini, Peyton Z
P.M.S. Arctic Infantry
S.M.S. Heavy machine gunner
Birthplace. Anchorage, Alaska
Grade. (0-2) 1st class Lieutenant
S.N. FPZ-392-8089

A former wrestler that was in the business for 12 years that went by the name's Blizzard, Snow-T then later by Tony Snow at the top of his game in the WWE loved by the fans & by many in the business another wrestler hated him his name was Charger Quin always tried to get one over on him but always lost the match. After one particular match Charger nearly won but Tony Snow won in the end witch really made him lose it took a baseball bat to him but him in a coma for two mouths.

After coming around he took a year off from wrestling in that year he got back in shape & looked better then he did before so when he came back to WWE he told the fans he was quitting to join the armed force.

eight years later Roadblock found him got him a place in the team

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