Head: Hit & Run
Torso: Shockwave
Arms: Beachhead (Battle Corps)
Waist: Stretcher
Legs: Blizzard

In the Marine Corps, most JTACs are qualified Aviators or Flight Officers as this is their ground tour and are usually embedded in infantry units, to me this made way too much sense for this new pilot Hit & Run. Hit & Run is a favorite character of mine but i never really found a good custom of him. so this is what lead me to create my own custom. To me he always seemed more Marine Corp than Army and his helmet seemed a lot like a pilots helmet much more so than any infantry helmet I've seen, hence the Pilot and light infantry specialties, also he is a qualified JTAC (FAC) and acts as an air liaison officer in an Infantry unit, as well as being trained in Isshin-ryu karate, judo, catch can wreslting, taekwondo, muay thai, fujin white crane kung fu and center axis relock, which makes him have a deadly hand to hand combat prowess.

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