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Mattel Batman head and neckpiece, molded into one.
Retaliation Snake Eyes upper arms and torso
Lower arms Retaliation Cobra Commander with spikes from Batman figure
Lower legs from PoC Storm Shadow, details sanded out.

It's June 23rd, 1989, and I'm walking to the movie theater in Mesa, AZ. It's already 85 degrees out, and it's about 9 in the morning. The summer before I start 6th grade. Alongside me, my best friend Jay. We reach the theater, pull out some dollar bills and lots of change in plastic baggies, get some buttery popcorn, and sit down for for the 10:30am show.

And I'm mesmerized the entire time.

This is Batman to me. Outside of a handful of comics and love of action figures, this is the big push that got me into drawing, collecting comics for years, and helped cement my grip on being geeky while so many other kids "grew up" and got into sports. There's been really good Batman movies since, and really bad Batman movies. But this movie, for all it's flaws, is my Batman movie. So ingrained in my nostalgia section of the brain, that when I walk into a theater and smell buttered popcorn almost 30 years later, this day and film pops into my mind. I still hum the instrumental soundtrack when I'm bored.

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